Residential Package

The average home is below 3,000 sq ft and we focus on capturing them at their best.  That is why our popular Residential Package is a straight forward and comprehensive choice.  It includes 50 edited and formatted images, which will include the interior, exterior and exterior elevated shots of the property. 

  • 50 Interior and Exterior Photos = $150

Upscale Package


For a larger home above 3,000 sq ft we have created a comprehensive package that will ensure all of the best details of your property are highlighted. Our larger home Upscale Package  also includes up to 80 edited and formatted images, which will include the interior and exterior of the property. 

  • 80 Interior and Exterior Photos = $200

Event and Specialty Photography

From Real Estate Photography to Events. I have had the opportunity to capture events for Royal Purple Raceway(Houston,TX), Welcome to Rockville (Jax), Import FaceOff (Houston,TX), ShoFight MMA (Branson, MO), GoVenue Magazine, Isabel’s House(Springfield, MO), Smaller Intimate Weddings, Headshots and Events.

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